Versa-Fab, Inc.
Versa-Fab, Inc.

Mitsubishi LVPlus Laser Technology - Versa-Fab employs a class-leading 5'x10' Mitsubishi LVPlus 4,000w Laser with MSCIII Auto-Flex MS HP material handling automation. The LVPlus can cut 1" mild steel, " stainless, and " aluminum. With automated loading and material handling, the LVPlus can run "lights-out" producing up to 22,000 lbs of finished product without interruption.
Trumpf 5000

CNC Punching - Versa-Fab offers competitive punching capabilities through a Trumpf punching machine. Our CNC punching machine provides for flexibility in design, and quality finished product.

CNC Press-brake CNC Press-brake - Our line of Accurpress precision forming machines are some of the most productive and competitive machines in the industry. Our machines range in tonnages, from 60 to 175 tons, with bed lengths up to 12 feet. Versa-Fab employs three hydraulic press-brakes which offer optimized CNC flexibility, productivity and accuracy.

CNC Vertical Milling

CNC Vertical Milling - Versa-Fab has four HAAS CNC vertical milling machines. Our VF-3 machines can handle work-pieces measuring up to 40"x20"x25" (xyz).

CNC Lathe Turning Centers CNC Lathe Turning Centers - Our HAAS CNC lathes are equipped with bar-feed automation and can chuck up to 10", with 21"x26" capacity.


Weld - Versa-Fab's skilled welders are certified to various AWS welding specifications. We have 20 weld stations and various welding machines and equipment. Our welders specialize in spot, MIG and TIG welding.

Powder-Coat and Wet Paint

Powder-Coat and Wet Paint - Versa-Fab offers both powder-coat and wet paint for our customers. We have a large Col-Met powder booth and oven, and a large DeVilbis cross-flow booth for wet painting. All parts are blasted or washed prior to paint to ensure a robust surface finish.

Assembly & Kitting

Assembly & Kitting - Versa-Fab provides insertion and assembly of PEMS, studs, standoffs and rivets. We have a skilled team to handle complex assembly of enclosures, conveyors, consoles, etc.

Engineering & Quality Support
Engineering & Quality Support - Versa-Fab utilizes various engineering software applications including CAD, Mastercam, Diamondsoft and SMP. CNC equipment is connected to our network for direct access to all programs, and to ensure a controlled document management and storage system. We can accept electronic files in many different formats.

Summary Equipment List

1 - Mitsubishi 4kw Laser w/ MSCIII Auto-Flex MS HP Automation
1 - Trumpf Punch
1 - Accurpress Press-Brake: 175 ton, 12' bed
1 - Accurpress Press-Brake: 60 ton, 6' bed
1 - Pacific Press-Brake: 165 ton, 10' bed
4 - HAAS VF-3 Vertical Milling Machines
2 - HAAS SL-20 and SL-30 w/ Bar-Feed Automation
2 - Marvel Auto Feed Saw
1 - Col-Met Powder Booth
1 - Col-Met Oven
1 - DeVilbis Cross-Flow Paint Booth
1 - Sandblast Facility w/ Empire Dust-Collector

Please note: in addition to the equipment listed, Versa-Fab has a manual machine shop with three mills and two lathes, 20 weld-centers with equipment and positioners, material-handling equipment, various quality equipment, and two delivery trucks.

Quality Machining and Fabrication